“I was surprised at how easy it was to talk."

The change has been significant

I was plagued with self-doubt, hesitation, insecurity and fear. It wasn’t rooted in logic, I knew that, but I still couldn’t help it. Therapy can be challenging and the process wasn’t always easy but it has been transformative. I feel more resilient than ever before. I don’t know if these words can convey the difference its made in my life but the change has been significant.

– E.F –
Retail Manager

Fear no longer runs the show

I was always an anxious child but by the time I was an adult fear was running the show. Fear had kept me in my safety zone and I was constantly afraid of getting sick, getting hurt, or even going out or social interactions. My safety zone had shrunk to work and home by the time I had therapy. I narrowed my expectations and avoided any risk. I was sure it would end in catastrophe. I had an endless list of worries playing in my head. 

Therapy helped me explore the origins of my fear and the role it plays in my life. I planned activities which increased my exposure to the things I fear. I ate a kebab from a caravan food stall, I rode my bike to work and went for a bush-walk. Each time anxiety told me I would be bitten by a snake, run over by a car or end up in hospital. Each time it didn’t happen, the grip of anxiety loosened. I moved on to bigger challenges, dating, enrolling at uni, travelling abroad. Anxiety kept warning me, you’ll get hurt, you’ll fail, you’ll get mugged, but with therapy, it wasn’t able to stop me. 

I’ll always be a cautious person that’s just who I am. It’s a part of me, just like my creativity and sensitivity, but it no longer runs the show. 


– J. W –
Graphic Designer

I've reconnected with my feelings

I found myself arguing with everyone at work and at home. Trivial things triggered my rage or put me in a foul mood; someone cutting in front of may lane on the road, a sink full of dishes, anything. I felt angry all the time and I didn’t understand why. During therapy i was able to trace the origins of my anger, and with time I was able to acknowledge, past feelings  of resentment that had been pushed aside. Soon anger gave way to grief, disappointment, compassion, frustration, and a whole lot of other emotions I denied myself. 

Expressing these emotions made my frequent drug use obsolete and my additions began to evaporate. Previously, I tried to quit so many times that I lost count. There was no struggle this time. I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t believe me. I would also be skeptical had it not happened to me, but it did and it may help you to know it. Anger is no longer the only legitimate emotion I permit myself to express.  I am very grateful that I was encouraged to see him. It feels good to be alive.


– M.S –
Builder/Project Manager

I felt extremely liberated expressing every emotion

For years I lived with depression. It would come and go lasting longer and longer each time. I knew it was time to get help when I started having suicidal thoughts. Talk therapy helped me get down to the nitty-gritty of my issues and made me feel so validated. I felt extremely liberated expressing every emotion completely guilt free with no judgement. Step-by-step, I motivated myself to move out of my comfort zone and improve my mental health. I now realise how difficult it must have been for my family living with my depression. Depression still comes and go’s but it lasts shorter and shorter. If you have any hesitation in going to a therapist I recommend you try it. If not for yourself, do it for your family.

– L.B –

It changed my perception

I was anxious and depressed despite being successful, self-sufficient and independent. What could a professional therapist tell me, I thought to myself. Then I met Eli. His approach changed my perception and brought awareness to my blind spots. I realised that I needed to look at my problems from the inside as well as from the outside, to fully understand and solve them.

– A.L. –
IT Consultant

*** To preserve the confidentiality of our clients, these accounts are modified case studies of real people who experienced growth and transformation through talk therapy.

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