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How can I treat anxiety?

The research is clear: Feelings of anxiety aren’t diminished by reassuring you that the world is a safe place, it’s made better when you realise how brave you truly are. Anxiety is the most common mental health issue, but only 36% of Australians seek help. The good news is that it responds well to treatment. So, if you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.

What causes anxiety?

Anxiety is designed to motivate you into action, but for many it means excessive worry, nervousness, and fear about non-threatening situations. Often, it’s a conditioned response developed during childhood and the causes of your anxiety may not be immediately apparent. We’ll uncover the deeper motives of your feelings and its underlying causes and enable you to better understand your anxiety. You’ll learn the emotional and physical signs of anxiety and discover that you have the power and resources within yourself to reframe your state and remain productive, even when anxiety strikes. 

You already have a tremendous amount of self-control.

It takes a great amount of bravery and persistence to live and function in the world despite anxiety and even more self-control to survive a panic attack, especially in public.  Living with anxiety doesn’t take away these character strengths but it can make us forget them. Together we’ll identify and embrace and the character strength you already have and integrate them into daily life so that you can begin to loosen the grip anxiety has over you. 

Dealing with negative predictions

Some anxiety is functional, enabling us to get to work on time, meet demands, cross busy streets and remain aware of our surroundings. Anxiety caused by needless speculation causes us unnecessary fear and worry. To help you distinguish between problem solving and speculation, download your free Talk Therapy worksheet and bring your results to therapy.  We’ll explore what’s happening, why and how best to deal with it for you.

"A ship is safe in the harbour but that’s not what ships are for!"

When we are in pain, fearful or angry, we naturally withdraw and seek safety. But it is now known that this can lead to problems in the long term. Part of overcoming your challenges is venturing back out into the world, extending your boundaries and exploring your whole life – all of it! Start by testing the waters just outside your harbour walls. We’ll challenge negative thoughts and tap your inner-warrior. It’s surprising what you can achieve one step at a time. Realistic goal setting lead to real results.

“Talk therapy helped me explore aspects of my past that I didn’t realise had an effect on me and ultimately was part of my current anxiety. With Eli’s help, I was able to shine a light on my hidden beliefs which has enabled me to reduce and manage my anxiety.” 

– C.J, Practitioner.

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