The secret to transforming your life is to make the unconscious, conscious.

Umm, what?

“No wind is favorable to a sailor who doesn’t know where to go”

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca –

Seneca was onto something. The reason we experience tension on a daily basis is that we don’t know our purpose. It’s difficult to know which choices to make about about your life when you don’t know your destination or purposeWhether you have the degree or not, the dream career or a dead-end job, you may find your life unfulfilled and that feeling that life is passing you by. This is when you need to tap into yourself and your life’s purpose. Explore yourself, find your gifts and the great heights you can reach when you discover the deeper, truer you.

What’s Your Gift?

Each of us has a unique gift but it’s often confused with skill or talent. A skill is something learned or developed, such as writing. If you have a talent for writing, it means you have a natural aptitude which didn’t require much learning or practice to do it well. But a gift is the reason why you choose to write. It’s unique to you and confirms your purpose.  Even though a talent for writing may be your natural strength, you will soon find yourself saying “what’s the point” if you lack the sense of purpose which bring talent and skill together to generate success and satisfaction.

Your Gift Gives You Purpose.

There is no point, unless you have purpose. By exploring what’s truly right for you in your heart and soul you’ll learn to manage your fears and anxiety, identify your natural talents, develop a vision for your future and discover where your inherit passions lie. It takes time and reflection to adequately address these questions. Stagnation didn’t creep in overnight and it won’t disappear quickly, but talk therapy will bring you closer to your true purpose and give you the skills to live freely and live with purpose.

Take The Six Session Challenge

Discover how to become motivated and stay motivated. Learn how to choose and set goals that interest you and find things that interest you within goals that don’t. Discover how to commit and plot your progress, break up your goal into achievable bits, use rewards and motivate others to help you. ou have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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