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Choosing the right therapist can take some experimentation, that’s why were offering all new clients a complimentary session free of charge. To claim your free session simply click the link below and we’ll reach out to arrange a suitable time to meet or talk. If you prefer a more direct approach, call 0439 457 779, but hurry, spaces are limited. 

Phone Therapy

We know how difficult it can be to attend face-to-face appointment are these days. It’s often expensive and impossible to squeeze a visit in your already hectic schedule. We’re changing that with phone-therapy. Your first session is FREE.

Face-to-Face Therapy

Improving communication starts with your self-talk. It’s the difference between saying “I messed-up” and “I am messed-up”. Your capacity for loving relationships begins with your ability to love yourself. Feelings of anxiety aren’t diminished by risk-free guarantees, but by awakening your inner-brave. It all starts with talk. 

How Much does it cost?

Attending regular sessions is key to making progress, that’s why our fees vary depending on your circumstances. Individuals experiencing financial hardship pay as little as $30 per session. Better still, we’re offering all new clients a complimentary session. Click or Call 0439 457 779 to claim your free session.

Small Step, Big Future

We can’t control the circumstances or people around us but we do have the power to control our responses to them. In fact, our response has the power to shape and influence the situation itself. Making better, healthier, and more sound decisions begins when you choose to get help. Call 0439 457 779 today and discover the transformative power of talk-therapy.

Think Better, Feel Better.

Learning that lasts a lifetime