Hello I’m Eli, and I’ll be your psychotherapist. I am thrilled that you’ve taken the first step towards a better life. To claim your FREE therapy session please fill our form below and I’ll get in touch so we can arrange a time to talk. 


Anxiety no longer runs the show 

Therapy has been nothing short of amazing for me.  I’ve always been anxious, since I can remember. A part of me will always be anxious but Eli has helped me change negative habits, figure out what direction I want for my life and communicate how I feel and what I want. I highly recommend giving it a go.

– Graphic Designer / Dog Lover


Anger is no longer the only emotion I feel

I am very grateful that I was encouraged to get therapy. Eli helped me turn things around. I would never have even been able to speak like this a few months ago.

– Project Manager/ Jazz Enthusiast


interior designer // MUM


I wasn’t coping at work. My relationship with my husband felt like a battle and I often found myself shouting at my kids and hating myself for it. I began feeling depressed and anxious but helpless to change it all. With Eli’s help I learned how to respond rather than react. I began accepting responsibility for my part in conflicts no matter how small. I changed my perspective, which changed my behaviour. This had a positive effect on everyone in the house. Sometimes life and work is still a struggle, but now I understand myself better and I have a road map for how to manage days like these.


Talk Therapy is not about changing you but understanding you. It’s about helping you discover a deeper and truer you, so you’re empowered to break the negative pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that plague your life and leave you feeling despondent and in despair. Talk Therapy works, so call us today to claim your first FREE session.


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