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About Us

Talk Therapy is a psychotherapy practice that asks what are you doing right? It’s a seldom asked, but crucial question. You’re doing something right, otherwise you wouldn’t have made it this far.  We assist you to capitalise on what’s working and change what’s holding you back. We’ll help you identify and employ your innate talents to resolve current challenges and release you from old beliefs that no longer serve you. Our mission is to help you on your journey to discover a deeper and truer you.

How can I treat my depression?

Behavioural therapy is the most effective treatment for depression. Change your state and your thinking and feelings will follow. Most of us can remember the exhilarating feeling of jumping on a trampoline, riding a bike or the fear of crossing a rickety bridge or swinging too high. These fun or fearful feelings are brought on by behaviour.  Boosting your optimism and mental health through activities such as mediation, hot sauna, exercise, ice plunge or writing a journal is only the first step in managing your depression. We’ll explore the origins of your depression, why it visits you and how you can deal with it in a way that works for you.  

Tracking your symptoms

Depressive symptoms can be grouped into three categories: physical sensations, psychological thoughts and behaviours. Download and track your symptoms on the Talk Therapy worksheet and bring them to your complimentary first FREE session. Let’s get started. 

Reverse the pattern of avoidance

Exercising, performing a difficult work task or dealing with a long-standing problem that, while not fun, reverse the pattern of avoidance, withdrawal and inactivity that make depression worse, and replaces them with rewarding experiences that reduce depression. Talk Therapy will help you become more active and engaged in activities that are rewarding and develop defenses that allow you to focus on solutions rather than problems. 

For years I felt sad most of the time.  I couldn’t shake the feeling no matter what I did. It was only when I began exploring the past that my present state of mind made sense. Slowly, the cloud of depression lifted. I still feel sad, from time-to-time, but its no longer a feeling that shadows me.

–  J.P  –

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