Choosing the right therapist is important, that’s why we’re offering you the benefit of a therapy session with a qualified psychotherapist for the special introductory rate of only $30 for your first session. Simply fill-in your details below and we’ll get in touch and arrange a time to talk or meet.

Hello, I'm Eli...

And I’m a psychotherapist who specialises in anxiety. Sure, I have the degree and certification but my passion for exploring the talents, dreams, hopes and fears of every individual is what makes me effective. I’ve been doing it since I can remember, whether it’s the cashier loading my groceries, the taxi driver giving me a ride or a therapy client. I’m amazed by the remarkable talents of everyday people buried by the demands of daily life and excited by its excavation. Seeing clients overcome adversity or achieve forgotten dreams is my purpose. If a chance meeting with me seems too remote for you, then let’s schedule a time to talk.

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Why Do I Need Therapy?

Because you’ve been experiencing pain for a long time now. Unfortunately there is no magic drug, positive affirmation, or secret advice that will make your challenges disappear overnight. Your problems developed over time and can only be solved with patience, persistence and courage. Talk Therapy helps you stay positive, gain a better understanding about yourself, and helps you manage the emotions that have a negative influence over your life. You’ll learn how you process events in life and which responses have been conditioned by circumstance and which are intrinsic to your core. Once you understand yourself, being yourself is empowering. Once you’re empowered, you’re unstoppable.

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